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Send SMS on-line with Message Xtreme (ValueMobo)

ValueMobo is our cloud primarily based and straightforward web SMS platform that has you complete access to our SMS access. Compatible with any computer program and fully responsive, you will send and receive SMS messages globally from any web connected device – even mobile.

Developed by us and refined by our customers, ValueMobo could also be a premium web SMS platform with variety of the world’s most advanced SMS transmission capabilities. we have fashioned the pc programme by putt our customers initial and making it easier to urge what you would like done – faster.

By giving limitless flexibility, it doesn’t matter if you would like to send a non-public SMS or bulk SMS messages to various groups – ValueMobo permits you to send your manner. however large or very little your business, our web SMS platform ValueMobo permits you to make and manage your mobile communication throughout a way that makes sense.

The quickest and easiest method to start sending SMS messages online

Send SMS from any PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone with internet connectivity.

Requires no downloads, installations or hidden development costs.

Integration portal, with easy API access for developers and system integrators.

Communicate with your target audience with one way or two-way messaging

Integration portal, with easy API access for developers and system integrators.

ValueMobo’s key features?

Pay Only Delivered

Now you can send SMS without worrying about the delivery ratio, because we will charge only for delivered sms.

SMS Attachment

Simply format your contacts in Excel and save the document as a CSV file. You can send 50000 SMS in a singal shot from bulk upload feature.

Track Campaign Metrics

No delays or interruptions, have your inbound messages received in real time, allowing you to follow-up and respond instantly.

Receive SMS

Use a Long Code to increase responses to your text advertising or purchase a virtual mobile number to receive replies to your 2 way SMS campaigns. SMSVia.co.in provides two tools which allow you to get the most from incoming SMS.

Integrate SMS APIs

We have dedicated SMS API wrappers to use within our SMS gateway meaning that you don’t have to write any complicated, longwinded coding – however for those of you who really want to get into the mechanics we have the documentation available to master our API along with other advanced functions.

Data Protection

The security and protection of the data held in our systems is vital to us. We’ve invested heavily to ensure that it's not compromised by any means. Our System is monitored 24/7.

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