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SMS API & Integration

Promote Your service in a few Seconds via API

MawaleInfotech is a leading Bulk SMS provider company. The Company gives you a many kinds of the main service, exceptional service, and proper guidance. For an example it gives you quickest and easiest method to start a sending bulk messages online, they don’t charge any development cost, no requirement of any download and installation, with the internet you can send SMS by any PC, Mac, Tablet or Smartphone.

As an exceptional Service, they provide you SMS API&Integration service. The full form of API is Application Programming Interface.IN a bulk SMS API is used for to allow programmers to interact and integrate with our service to the software. And It is also allows the messages to become automated. MawaleInfotech does very well work on SMS API. It directly connects your internal Storage or CRM to their SMS Gateway.SMS gateway using one of the companies off-the-shelf API’s. After that connection with API, you would send the message with Valuemobo software.After a successful delivery company gives you a receipt to you. So by using company’s software and service all the work done in few seconds and it saves your lot of time and resources. Company also gives the one another service. In case your software is well matched with your mobile phones then you can easily retrieve MawaleInfotech API Key from inside your account and insert it into your software and start sending a message. The Company also gives the opportunity to software developers, if they want to add some functionality in their software or application then company gives its API documentation and code samples.For More details visit us at-https://mawaleinfotech.com/sms-api.php







Why Choose Mawale Infotech?

Develop & Test for Free

Using our developer sandbox service you are able to build and test your messaging application in full. Test your integration to our gateway, or test end-to-end message delivery to handset. This service allows you to test integration in a closed-loop – testing the code and reporting functions – as if you were sending campaigns in production.

Business Continuity

Our customers run 24/7 businesses. You need your message to get there any time of day or night. A strong business continuity plan to ensure maximum availability to our customers is paramount to the SMSGlobal experience and backed by our 99.99% Availability SLA.

Route Management

Using intelligent routing protocols developed in-house at mawaleInfotech, we are able to provide cost-effective and high-throughput message delivery options for our customers. Our routing is designed and managed to minimise latency and ensure the best user experience possible.


Security via SSL is available without any additional cost and its use is highly recommended. We can also provision a secure Cisco IPSEC VPN connection that utilises our advanced network technology (Cisco ASA Series firewalls) to allow an additional level of security for clients to connect to our gateway.

Scalability & Throughput

We grow with you. The key to the success of our business is our ability to scale the gateway’s performance on-demand. Scaling our platform’s throughput to meet the ever-growing demand of our customers is a constant challenge, but one that is embraced by the team at MawaleInfotech.

Data Protection

The security and protection of the data held in our systems is vital to us. We’ve invested heavily to ensure that it's not compromised by any means. Our System is monitored 24/7.

Our Clients

Call us today at +91 99267 6557 or Email us at support@mawaleinfotech.com We are always happy to answer your queries, so do call us or drop us a message.

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