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Missed call Alert is the Best Tool for Grow Your Business

Missed call alert is a new way to promoting your business. In a missed call alert customer receive your messages when they switch on their phone. In this facility, MawaleInfotech helps you, because they provide this type of services. In this, they provide Toll-Free Number if this number is dialled by a caller then number is registered and if need of client company gives a Auto Reply SMS is sent  to the caller for thanking them. And also inform them that we registered your number and call them back soon to understand their problem or needs.

The next question arises in our mind that how Missed call alert help to us for growing our business. Actually there are many answers for your questions. The first advantage is it helps in lead capture means a marketer always to judge the Return on Investment. It helps to capture 100% of the leads from different mediums and it allows businesses to make strategic and cost- effective decisions. It also helps in for doing a survey and getting a feedback and also uses in the generate the interest or generate the awareness via different kinds of campaigns. Whenever time has gone and companies using this alert MawaleInfotech bring some different type of contents on demand of the clients and their customers.

Missed call alert is also used for number verification. Many E-commerce companies use this service before cash on delivery and retail company is used for balance status. Many big companies use this missed call alert with using Ozonetel platform. Companies are Hindustan Unilever (HUL), Redbus, and Zipdial.HUL use for this to connect with the target market. Redbus is use for this is to take a customer feedback. It means they want to know customer satisfaction level and at last Zipdial is used for implement the services.








Why Choose Mawale Infotech?

Develop & Test for Free

Using our developer sandbox service you are able to build and test your messaging application in full. Test your integration to our gateway, or test end-to-end message delivery to handset. This service allows you to test integration in a closed-loop – testing the code and reporting functions – as if you were sending campaigns in production.

Business Continuity

Our customers run 24/7 businesses. You need your message to get there any time of day or night. A strong business continuity plan to ensure maximum availability to our customers is paramount to the SMSGlobal experience and backed by our 99.99% Availability SLA.

Route Management

Using intelligent routing protocols developed in-house at mawaleInfotech, we are able to provide cost-effective and high-throughput message delivery options for our customers. Our routing is designed and managed to minimise latency and ensure the best user experience possible.


Security via SSL is available without any additional cost and its use is highly recommended. We can also provision a secure Cisco IPSEC VPN connection that utilises our advanced network technology (Cisco ASA Series firewalls) to allow an additional level of security for clients to connect to our gateway.

Scalability & Throughput

We grow with you. The key to the success of our business is our ability to scale the gateway’s performance on-demand. Scaling our platform’s throughput to meet the ever-growing demand of our customers is a constant challenge, but one that is embraced by the team at MawaleInfotech.

Data Protection

The security and protection of the data held in our systems is vital to us. We’ve invested heavily to ensure that it's not compromised by any means. Our System is monitored 24/7.

Our Clients

Call us today at +91 99267 6557 or Email us at support@mawaleinfotech.com We are always happy to answer your queries, so do call us or drop us a message.

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